Looking for the perfect fit? Want to get the style that suits your shape?

Find out what cut flatters you with our definitive denim guide.

Boyish or Athletic

This body type tends to lack curves and when it comes to jeans, athletic figures have plenty of options, but should look for a lower rise and embellished or flap back pockets to create the impression of some contour.

Low-rise helps to balance out the length of the torso, rather than giving all of the length to the legs.

Both skinny jeans and boot cut denims look great on Athletic figures.

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The Pear shape has curvy hips and fuller legs. To create balance, look for jeans with a slightly wider flared hem. A boot cut silhouette is universally flattering as it creates the look of a longer leg. Also look for, medium-sized, well-placed pockets without too much embellishment so as not to emphasize your bottom.

Trouser-style jeans also work well, as they fall straight from the hips down the leg, creating one continuous line.

High waisted jeans are particularly flattering for a pear-shaped body as it gives you extra coverage where your figure type tends to need it.

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Feminine curves look best when given some freedom, so choose denim with a bit of stretch. Darker washes also minimize the lower half and create the illusion of length. Hourglasses tend to have a small waist so you might have trouble with gapping at the back of the waistband. To counteract this, look for a higher rise and a fitted waistline. For optimum flattery, choose a boot cut jean.

Recommended Labels: Not Your Daughter’s jeans, J brand


Those who are apple-shaped are typically top heavy, have narrow hips and thighs, and skinny legs. These body types should stick to regular or high rise jeans in order to avoid a “muffin top”; the appearance of a bulging midsection.

Pockets work wonders for Apple’s as they draw attention from any tummy issues and add definition to your bottom.

Look for boot cuts and straight leg jeans, with mid to high-rise waistlines.

Recommended Labels: J brand, Victoria Beckham, IRO