Dublin born and based designer Ali Nash has worked from strength to strength since 2004 to built what is now an internationally recognised label.
With a love for colour and form, the combination of vibrant gems with delicate gold findings in her pieces creates her distinguished look and charachter, a vintage aesthetic with a new modern feel.

Seagreen: What was the first item of jewellery you made and how did you go about creating it?

Ali: I remember I adored making daisy chain when I was a toddler, but my first piece was a silver and coral bead necklace on leather that I made when I was 16yrs living in France for a summer. I discovered this wonderful bead shop and I was hooked. It was the first time I realized that something warmed in my soul when I delved into this bead making process.

S: Describe your design process from inception to creation?

A: The design process starts when I am sourcing gems. I am constantly thinking ahead, looking for shapes and forms that are original and beautiful to inspire a new collection. Back in my studio, I sketch or very organically combine different textures and colours and experiment until I hit on a good design that just works. It can sometimes take days or it can just happen in an hour. Every piece is different.

S: What are your favourite materials to work with?

A: Delicate precious gems like ruby, Saphire and Opal. The expensive ones of course, they are exquisite.

S: Is there a particular type of piece you enjoy designing and why? E.g necklace, earrings

A: I love designing a good statement necklace as it can be like a piece or art, but on a daily basis I like designing earrings (my most popular pieces) as I adore coming up with new original forms and then seeing them come alive on a customer.

S: Where do you draw your inspiration from? What was the influence behind your most recent collection?

A: Inspiration comes from all over, lots of travel and what I see around me. I soak up a lot of attention to detail which constantly sparks my creativity. My new “Raw Collection” was inspired by a recent trip to Morrocco. It’s a tribute to the muted, edgy glamour, textures and colours of this wonderful country.

S: Describe your jewellery aesthetic.

A: My jewelry is for the girl who feels strength in her femininity, pride in her attitude and delicateness in her edge.

S: What is the one piece of jewellery you could never part with? Why is it so special to you?

A: My engagement ring – it’s a rough cut diamond, designed by a New York designer who’s work i’ve always admired.

S: Do you follow fashion? What is your own personal style?

A: I keep an eye on it, and with my designs i like to keep ahead not follow. Personally I like to dress in things I feel comfortable in and that I love aesthetically. I’s say my style is quite feminine with an edge, like my jewellery.


Photo & Interview by Aoife Byrne