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  • Salute Rollerball


    It's rare to find something that boosts your mood, energy and immune system (usually stimulants are not very body-friendly!). Yet this little wonder oil does all three. It gives you a real boost in the morning, particularly after broken sleep...

  • Balance Rollerball


    Apply yogandha balance rollerball when you need to balance, particularly hormonally. It has an immediate effect on the pituitary gland. Wonderful to use as wellness perfume. Every woman should have Jasmine in their lives...


    Ground Rollerball


    yogandha ground rollerball brings a little stillness into daily life and brings you into the moment. Apply throughout the day when you need calm, have a migraine or a headache. It's also a wonderful oil to set your intention at the start of your...


    Relax Body Oil


    Use yogandha relax body oil as part of your daily wind down routine. This oil deepens any relaxation, yoga or meditation practice. You can also use it 2 or 3 times a week in the bath to prepare your mind and body for a deep sleep. It's also a...

  • Detox Body Oil


    Toxins surround us. As part of your daily detox ritual, use yogandha detox body oil in the morning, in the shower or directly on the skin, to boost lymphatic drainage. This Gandha ritual is a moment of self connection before you start your day...


    Muscle Soothe Body Oil


    yogandha muscle soothe body oil is great as part of your restorative routine after exercise. 100% natural, which means it's absorbed straight into the body to maximum effect. Also apply before you exercise to warm the muscles up...


    Nourishing Radiance Serum


    Nunaia's radiance-boosting, superfood facial oil serum is formulated with exciting, new ingredients from the Peruvian Rainforest and Andes Mountains. It's a deeply moisturising infusion created to help balance the skin’s natural moisture levels,...


    Colonia Hand Cream


    A scented hand cream that gives your hands the attention they deserve leaving them enveloped in the fragrance of Colonia. A hydrating sensation for hands that are comfortingly soft-to-touch. Specially presented in a festive edition yellow box featuring...

  • Colonia Hand Wash


    Colonia Hand Wash


    A delicate formula that cleanses and purifies with the unmistakably fresh scent of our signature Colonia. Enriched with active ingredients, it is gentle on the hands for a silky touch. Specially presented in a festive edition yellow box featuring...

  • Sale
    Colonia Christmas Candle


    Colonia Christmas Candle


    A limited edition candle presented in a glass decorated with the seasonal design by the British artist Clym Evernden. Made of the purest wax using precise artisanal techniques, releases the aroma of the subtle Colonia scent into the air . Burn Time: 30...

  • Precious Moment of Calm


    Precious Moment of Calm


    Precious Moment of Calm   The perfect stocking filler! Four incredibly calming products make this collection the wondrous gift of deep relaxation. All expertly blended to help you feel calm and banish stress. Lavender, jasmine & Brazilian...

  • Deep Sleep Night Oil


    Deep Sleep Night Oil


    A luxurious multi-award-winning bath oil to soothe you to sleep.   WHEN: the true bedtime indulgence, this sumptuous bath oil will help you unwind, calming your mind as you rest and wind down.   HOW: our therapeutic natural...


    Light Time Cleanse & Glow


    A brightening daily cleanser designed to protect and restore skin radiance   WHEN: recharge your skin in the morning, or use at night time to remove pollution and daily grime – this Vitamin C wonder wash will leave your skin refreshed...

  • Light Time Skin Plumper


    Light Time Skin Plumper


    A moisturising skin plumper to maximise Skin Radiance and banish signs of fatigue. WHEN: the 24 hour answer to dehydrated skin, use first thing to rehydrate and restore radiance to skin post-sleep or before bedtime to boost the skin’s...

  • Stress Check Face Mask


    Stress Check Face Mask


    Your daily and emergency treatment mask to rescue and protect stressed out skin.   WHEN: Apply first thing to instant calm irritated skin and prevent the appearance of premature ageing.   HOW: Immediately cooling this calming mask...

  • Six Scented Candle


    Six Scented Candle


    Cire Trudon's Six candle is made from hand-poured wax, housed in a glass vessel hand-blown by artisans in France, it makes sophisticated addition to any room and is perfect for gifting. Head Notes; Bergamot, Gardenia Heart Notes; Carnation, Jasmine,...

  •  Anti-Aging Face Oil


    Anti-Aging Face Oil


    Treat your skin with the best angi-aging oil on the market to cover all the needs of your skin, Lumity's facial oil contains a blend of 32 ingredients, each identified as the best source of specific nutrients that together provide the full range of...

  •  Anti-Aging Supplements


    Anti-Aging Supplements


    Lumity's smart ingredients and anti-aging supplements work around-the-clock through our unique 2-step formula, offering targeted nutritional supplementation to support health and vitality. Beautiful skin, hair and nails result from...

  • Evening Detox Cleansing Water


    Evening Detox Cleansing Water


    A no-nonsense night time cleanse to purify and revitalise pollution exposed skin.   WHEN: After a day exposed to the environment, wipe away skin damaging pollutants with a detoxifying micellar water.   HOW: Decongesting and...