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Bois d'Iris 50ml

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Bois d'Iris 50ml

Bois d'Iris 50ml

A Floral - Woody fragrance by Jean-Claude Ellen

Its richness and its olfactory truth is the consequence of its very high natural concentration in Iris roots, the highest on the market today. Indeed, the Iris is an olfactory note that a lot of people have tried to imitate, but never has this root known such a special treatment process than the one used to create Bois d’Iris. An elegant and vibrant scent associated to a limpid and modern Cedarwood. 
The Iris Pallida, named also the Sumptuous, the one that concentrates the highest odoriferous molecules abundance, only blossoms in the soft and dried rocky earth of Tuscan lands. On the contrary to the Osmanthus flower, of which the epidermal cells of the petals secrete the essential oil, the Iris hides its olfactory beauty in its roots. It hides it so well that it needs many years of good care and complex treatments to capture it: plantation and frequent manual harrowing to not damage the rhizomes. It is necessary to wait, at least, 3 years before harvesting, sorting, peeling and cleaning the roots. The roots have to dry for one month on top jute bags, then the raw material is crushed and grinded in factory.
Intense, vibrant and sensual
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