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Fruit and Veggie Wash

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Fruit and Veggie Wash

Clean living for you and your family just got even easier. With Welleco's organic 100% natural Fruit and Veggie wash on hand by your sink, all it takes is a few drops with water to take your veggies to super-clean status. An absolute must if you're juicing and smoothie-ing because it's far more effective (up to 100 times more!) than simply dunking your kale in water alone at removing chemicals, waxes and pesticide residue.

 How to Use:

Add 15ml to a sink of fresh water and swirl to mix.

Wash fruit and veggies for 30 seconds.-Rinse if preferred, drain and then you're ready to start eating.-Store at room temperature.-If you prefer, make up a diluted spray to use on individual pieces of fruit and veggie. Simply spray, rinse and eat. 
A special concentrate to safely remove bacteria, dirt, waxes, chemicals & pesticide residue from your fruit & veggies.
WelleCo Fruit & Veggie Wash is all natural and free of chemicals. It’s easy to use and rinses clean, leaving only the fresh taste of healthy fruit and vegetables. 
The blend of 100% natural and organic ingredients in WelleCo Fruit and Veggie Wash reduces the levels of contaminants by helping water stick to dirt, chemicals and waxes to allow their removal.A lot of people take the precaution of rinsing their fruit and vegetables in water, unaware that this is not enough to remove potentially harmful contaminants. Agricultural pesticides and waxes are designed to be waterproof which is why washing with water alone is not effective.Independent laboratories certified by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) have extensively tested Fruit & Veggie Wash and concluded that it successfully removes up to 100 times more contaminants than water alone.The all natural WelleCo Fruit & Veggie Wash has a lovely, fresh citrus aroma with no after taste, leaving your fruit and vegetables the way nature intended.