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Sens & Bois 50ml

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Sens & Bois 50ml

Sens & Bois 50ml 

A Woody - Spicy fragrance by Céline Ellena 

The strength of the wood 
“The mysterious encounter between the White Violet and the powerful Cedar Wood, strengthened by a sprinkle of Black Pepper, marks the beginning of a sensual and captivating adventure. A touch of mischievous Patchouli and a hint of Incense turn this fragrance into a contagiously seducing mix…” Céline Ellena. 
Sens & Bois has got a sort of black and white flavour, it is a fragrance full of contrasts made of shade and light, a spicy woody scent which traces its path through bushes and clear woods… Streams of purity and grace escape from the White Violet which conjures up images of a fragile flower draped in a silken white dress, its pretty little silver eyes gazing at the earth’s darkness. The spicy notes coming from the Black Pepper and the Elemi, join this floral bouquet and give a fireplace-like smell to the fragrance, creating a sensual and penetrating scent. 
Dazzling, sweet and penetrating
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