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Venturi BMesh - Black Olive

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Venturi BMesh - Black Olive

The ever popular Veja have introduced this stunning new design; Venturi B-Mesh. Maintaining their eco-concious and sustainable factor, this trainer is made from recycled plastics & polyester in the region of Porto Alegre in Brazil. See below for in depth material details. 

Quality: Upper b-mesh made from recycled plastic bottles. Panels: water repellent suede. 'V' Logo: Rubber. Lining: Jersey (33% organic cotton & 67% recycled polyester). Insole: wild rubber (12%), recycled plastic bottles (12%), jute (12%) and other synthetic materials. Cushion: 50% natural latex from Brazil & 50% synthetic latex. Sole: wild rubber from the Amazonian forest 

Care: Avoid machine washing. Suede protector before wear.